Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beauty: Face Of The Day

Face Of The Day Purple Plum

This was one of my favorite Face Of The Day looks, I guess it’s because I love all the products I used. Especially the lipstick a new beauty find at Target ; )

S1960024Foundation: Bare Minerals Matte SPF 15 Golden Tan

I am forever bonded by this foundation it’s close to be finished from too much usage. Crème Eye Shadows: Revlon Illuminace in Skinlights

I use to hate crème shadows but once I tried this palette it made me enjoy it again. I think because the texture is so smooth and durable now before the sizzling heat.



S1960074Blush: MAC (I think this shade is discontinued : (  try DollyMix shade) I always rock this when I want to go bold or edgy it’s great to have those wild colors for that intense moment of WILD.

Mascara: It Cosmetics Hello Lash I really only use two brands for mascara and this one is my like my daily signature one, I love the brush applicator it hasn’t failed me yet.

Lipstick: Revlon Violet Frenzy I am obsessed with this shade I just picked it up it was the last one in this shade and it was mine. Love this shade so much I hope it never is discontinued!

S1960034Hope you enjoyed my beauty look, I enjoy doing them and I hope you found some new products for your makeup collection.

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