Monday, January 9, 2012

Review + Giveaway: Dashing Diva Design FX Bling


Review + Tutorial

The Look


Great blinged out style and it has that statement power for 2012. Dashing Diva has a huge variety of flashy styles so if you heart a look for a special occasion you will find the right look.

S1010002 I love this style a lot just not the fact that I couldn’t achieve the look 100%, so splurge on the cost and get star studded with your nails. The results will be amazing if done professionally.

S1010003Check out more of the FX collection and the Bling FX from Dashing Diva! Natural nails are $35 + and to get the gel it will be $55+.


Dashing Diva Nail Fashion


Perfect style for Valentine’s Day or if you want to switch up your French manicure for something bolder.

Tell me how you keep your nails looking fabulous? Your answer must be 2-3 sentences and the best answer wins.

Winner will be posted on the blog and on twitter. Contest ends 1/15/12 11:59 est.

Good Luck!

Special thanks to Katie H. at 5W PR for the samples, they rock!


Leslie K. said...

I keep my nails looking fab by making sure I wash all of my nail polish remover off of my nails before reapplying new polish. I always use a glass file on my nails as I have found the other files cause my nails to split or chip. I also use a buffing block to buff out the grooves on my nails so when I apply my polish it looks amazing. Thx

kelly said...

To keep my nails looking great i make sure they are clean and shiny, i make sure to file them daily and put a clear coat of nail varnish to protect them!
Ive never seen any of these nail sticker things before, thank you for this giveaway :D

Jenny said...

To keep my nails looking fabulous, I take off my polish every week to let them breathe. Also I use NailTek to keep my nails from chipping.


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