Friday, January 27, 2012

Event: Inside My Birthday Party




Special thanks to those that attended my birthday party last weekend in Hoboken, NJ it was such a huge success even though it DID decide to snow the night prior! Everything was amazing from beginning to end, I think I topped this year off with a bang so for my next birthday expect more FABULOUS!

I was able to socialize this time around instead of the usual running and doing all the event planning and major detailing that comes with putting together a party.  And I must say it was so enjoyable and fun just letting others take over,  I need to do this more often.  To bring on the fun I did have two dresses to rock,  it wasn’t planned until the last minute.  I bought two dresses and couldn’t decide which one was going to be “IT”  so I was going to pull a Kim Kardashian and at least rock two different styles for the start and finish of the night.  Totally forgot to change my earrings and handbag with all the confusion but at the end it really didn’t matter.  For the beauty and fashion bloggers, regular subscribers and readers of the blog check back Monday for the inside scoop on both styles.

With all that said here is a video thank you to those that came out and video footage of the party. Thanks to all for sending your pics for the video, hope you enjoy!

Inside My Birthday Party


Birthday Photos

IMG_0207Nicole and I working the camera, as Dre snaps away.

2Carla, Craig and Dominick enjoying the drinks in VIP.

N15Nicole, Dre and Erica.

7Michelle and Lona enjoying their Dirty Martini.

IMG_0209Great pic, Nicole (working the camera Winking smile)


IMG_0221The crew at the After Party VIP

IMG_0223We are rocking it out ladies!

photo (2)I was so afraid my hair was going to catch fire, not a good look.

3Maggie and Dominick cute pic!

136Red velvet cake was in full effect.



Birthday Gifts


Thanks again for coming I had a blast!


MalanB said...

OMG! Looks like you have a fabulous at your party. I am so sorry I missed out. Hope to see you soon. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday...xx

Leslie K. said...

Happy Birthday. You look amazing! That blue dress looked so good on you. Very hot on your special day. I love that black & white card you received with the lil black dress on the front. So adorable.
Much love.


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