Monday, November 21, 2011

Shoes: Popular Styles


Anything with a touch of rhinestones never go out of style but it’s best to get the look in nude or black. The nude shade is best for stand out looks and adds that fresh chic approach. The black style adds much glamour to any look so it’s the best alternative.




Shimmer, the glitz and a ton of metallic is a huge trend for the holiday season. It’s playful and fun and it adds that flirty vibe to a look. Contrasting colors balances the look so if you don’t wear the glitter styles often find trimmings with a color that allows you to get more wear out of the look.




large product imageChristian Louboutin $675

Sexy patent leather pumps are so gorgeous for the winter season because they have a great classic look. These signature heels are great since they can work well with every outfit in your wardrobe. Even though the price is heavy the style is one look that is long lasting. Plus you can rock this at every occasion and gain a style of true elegance.



Colin Stuart $68

These trendy mesh heels are great for those flirty ruffle skirts that are able to show off the legs and the shoe. This heel is fun for a night out with the girls and is a great transitional shoe for the summer season.


Contrast Heel $88

Contrast heels are a big thing at the moment because you get two colors that can make a outfit come to life. It’s all about getting you money’s worth while making fashion statements. Find great base colors that you wear normally but with a sprinkle of glam.

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