Thursday, September 29, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Outfit Of The Day

Lace + Feathers


I wanted to be trendy and fun with this look and I loved how playful it came out!



Black Scoop Tee: Forever 21 Feather Earrings: Annie sez

Even though I don’t own many feather earrings these caught my attention and I had to grab them. A simple tee makes things so much easier for a quick look. Do buy a variety of styles like v-necks, embellished styles or fun colors.


Lace Skirt: Annie sez

This is the longest skirt that I own and I love the way it fits on my body. I felt more feminine in this than a short mini.

Embrace lace details its very sexy!



Boots: BCBG

These are my favorite OTK boots, super comfortable, stylish and it has the best heel.


S1670080Hope you enjoyed my Outfit Of The Day and are able to add some styles that I have into your own fabulous look!

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