Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Haul + Giveaway


Inside The Haul

S1680024Metallic Leopard Clutch, Feather Earrings, Gold Round Earrings, Tassel Earrings, Floral Scarf

M1570001Floral Umbrella

S1680025Lace Skirt



Feather Earrings

Question: Why Do You Love The Feather Trend?

Contest is on to all, winner will be posted only on the blog 10/16


Anonymous said...

Because it draws attention to my most flattering feature (my face).

Unknown said...

I like the feather trend because there's many different ways to rock it. Whether it's on clothing or in jewelry, there's many different ways that you can wear it.


--- Nicole

darbyscloset said...

I like the feather earrings because they are light weight yet bold and loud all at the sametime!
I love feathers, be them in your hair, on your hat or as earrings!
Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Pammiedoodle said...

I love the natural/earthyness of the earrings!


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