Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Review + Giveaway

Mattese Elite Nail Polish

Crackalacquer Collection



So the ever so popular crackle trend has enter my life once again, this time Mattese Elite Nail Polish - Crackalacquer Collection has decided to get in the mix, I figured it was time to try this brand out and see why the demand on crackle is so hot!

S1560006The color is pink but it comes on as a purple shade. The crackle it gave wasn’t 100% but the effect of it was very cool. I thought the way it flowed out on the top shade was a bit wild but the results made it have an edgy style to it which I liked over the other crackles that I’ve rocked. I also really loved the shade of this crackle it was more alive and it was very easy to find a base color that worked well with it.


S1560001The two shades that I used to add to this look were both Orly products Shine + Rio Nights.

S1560009Remember it’s always best to apply a crackle polish with a solid shade adding polishes with shimmer and glitter causes the crackle not to hold as well so do keep that in mind when experimenting. The collection comes in 6 shades, silver, black, gold, white, pink and blue.



Pink Crackalacquer


Question: What’s your favorite top 3 beauty brands?

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Special thanks to Kirsten S. at d2 Publicity for the samples!


Unknown said...

I love No.7 because I love their mineral powders and their nail polishes. They are sold at Boots in england and i think in the US its in Target. I also like Estee Lauder because i love the double wear foundation but i never tried anything else. The foundation is the best i ever tried althought its pretty expensive. I also like mac because their stuff looks pretty.

Ashley said...

Hmm, top 3 beauty products. Cover Girl crackle polish, NYC lipsticks, and Cargo's foundation.


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