Sunday, August 28, 2011

Events: Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene
Hit’s NJ
Farrington Lake

If you’re on the East Coast you have dealt with Hurricane Irene this weekend or are accepting the damages that it has brought.
Here is video footage of the early morning hours of the Hurricane through the end. It was a crazy night filled with a few tornado warnings, much flooding, power outages and trees down galore. The winds are still strong and the chance of more trees falling are very possible in my area. Be safe if you are still dealing with the aftermaths, enjoy my experience.
Photos: Behind Hurricane Irene
S1620006S1620008S1620012S1620014S1620015S1620016The lake started to rise through the late evenings and came half way up to my residence.
S1620017S1620018Broken branches and trees floating in the lake, the water came about 40ft from us.

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