Thursday, June 23, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Outfit Of The Day


Zebra POP

S1390028Since my camera guy had the day off, I guess I had to take matters in my own hands let’s go!


S1390017Forever 21: The best in basic tees. Super comfy, I rack up all the time on their tees and their always affordable.


S1390019Forever 21: This skirt was under $8 and I picked it up because I am a true skirt and dresses chica so this was very light weight and is super easy to make glam. Plus the simple detail of the zipper sold me!


S1390018Clothing Swap: I usually a grab a few of my favorite chica’s and we get our unwanted items that we don’t wear anymore and throw them in a pile and grab anything stylish that catches our eyes. I couldn’t find a name on the bag so not sure where it’s from but it’s made in China, lol!


S1390023H+M and Forever 21: The two sliver bangles are from Forever 21 the black H+M both sets came with a set of bangles but I took them out to create this fun style for my look.


S1390020Kohl's: I am rocking my Vera Wang shoes again, I truly love these!


S1390024Well here is the look in full minus my face, can’t believe my attire look is from Forever 21. I guess I really love the brand, hope you all enjoyed my style.

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