Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Events: Shecky's Girls Night Out NYC

Inside Shecky’s Girls Night Out In NYC
S1400093The crowd outside the la venue in NYC with their goodie bags.
S1400043Another great event in NYC thanks to Shecky’s Girls Night Out, the ladies filled the building for a Friday Night of fun on June 24th at la venue. I had a blast and really enjoyed the vendors, the drinks and best of all the Goodie bag!

S1400087Me and GBS giveaway winner Tanya
S1400001A mix of ginger and saki started the night and these guys made the official kick off to Girls Night Out!

It was all about the blinged out accessories at Shecky’s Girls Night Out. The bracelets, rings and hair accessories had that sparkle.
I found some unique items from vendor Joan Laurence

S1400010Would you rock this with a maxi dress??

S1400018The dee-jay mixed up the tunes from Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and bit of house! The beats were on point, I even danced a little.

Check the video snippet from Girls Night Out In NYC

Inside Shecky’s Girls Night Out NYC
Flashy rhinestone belts were a popular item, a great look to rock with jeans. Vendor La Bella Destino collections were very trendy and fun!
Floral pastel rings a big trend of the night.
S1400024Large dramatic necklaces caught my eye, perfect for statement looks to complete a outfit.
S1400035The model for Veet was a major distraction, it gave us a break from the shopping. You gotta love  eye candy sometimes : )
S1400047XOFM was the place where the dresses took over, we found a lace one shoulder style for a late night out!
S1400074Tanya found some stylish earrings from vendor Michael Darouiche, we scored these gold earrings for only $20.
S1400013Cute stylish hats from CocoLu’s, loved the girly effect of the hats.
S1400014Fashion trends that make many statements.
S1400089Shecky’s Girls Night Out In NYC was fun and enjoyable can’t wait to do it again in October!
Check back for footage of my purchases and inside the famous Shecky’s Goodie Bag!
S1400044For Shecky’s Girls Night Out In Your City Click Here

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