Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty: M.A.C Blogger's Obessions


Beauty Bloggers are making their way through the door and I LOVE IT!  MAC cosmetics invited NINE of their favourites to a lab in Toronto to custom-create their own Eye Shadow or Lipglass. Exclusively online, M·A·C BLOGGERS’ OBSESSIONS Available June 21st through August 2nd at ONLY

  Bloggers' Obsessions-Lineup-72 I will support the collection and buy one of the lip glasses that will suit my style for the summer. The color scheme is a mix of flirty fun and also gives you that night effect for the clubs.

Bloggers' Obsessions-Lipglass-Caqui-72Bloggers' Obsessions -EyeShadow-ParisianSkies-72Bloggers' Obsessions-Lipglass-Nitro licious2046-72
Everyone that’s a makeup artist should not be intimidated by a beauty blogger at all. We live in a HUGE WORLD everyone deserves to shine, support people on their accomplishments because when it’s your time you would want the same!

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