Thursday, June 30, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Accessories

Fun Summer Additions


Juicy Couture Floral Drop Earring $58

These earrings are a great style to rock with a neutral outfit and a touch of powder blue. it’s the perfect accessory for a quick dinner out or a daytime event.



Mumbai Mismatch NecklaceMumbai Mismatch Necklace $20


Colorful necklaces  are the best accessory to have when wearing solid dresses or scoop neck tops. This one has a variety of vibrant colors to give you many options in your heels and makeup routine.


Lipsy Feather Festival Head Band


For a lazy hair day, no need to throw on a hat or embellished scarf. Feathers are a huge statement for the summer and they really enhance a look.




Beaded Bangle Set $6.80

A simple stacked bangle with a pop color is a must have for the summer season. The style works well for an upscale theme or a weekend of running errands.


Animal Crystal Bracelet

Animal Crystal Bracelet $34

The best trend out right now is crystal styles, especially on bracelets. The fun thing about this is the color factor is extreme, giving you pop and glamour at every angle.


River Island Double Flower Plait Stitch Head Band


Floral styles don’t just come in a dress but it looks just as elegant as a hair accessory. This head band really works well with simple tank dresses, it gives it a pure and angelic feel.

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socialitedreams said...

i looove the earrings and the animal bracelet :)



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