Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beauty: Top May Favorites



                                                                              Pineapple Violet Sugar Scrub
S1190010                                          It made my top favorites for the month of May and I now it can be your fave as well.
                                           Question: Why do you LOVE body scrubs.
                                            Comment as much as you like, I will pick best answer as the winner.
                                            Open to all, leave your handle names in the comment section.
Contest ends 6/15/11 winners will be posted only on the blog 6/16


tigereye182 said...

hello, my name is Meilani.
but my youtube name is "inaliem"

the reason why i love body scrubs is because they are so relaxing, it feels really good to exfoliate my skin and then have that super smooth radiant look and feel. i currently use the spearmint aromatherapy one from bath & body works and it's really great. but pineapple is my absolute favorite fruit so i hope i win :D also there's the fact that it gives me an excuse to take a long bath when i use a body scrub. thank you so much for the reviews and giveaways! they're all so good <3

LynBDesigns said...

That scrub looks amazing. I have been looking for a good one. The last one that I found I really loved I can't find anywhere anymore. I think they discontinued it. Also my last one didn't smell all that great. It was just kind of perfumey and after a while it gave me headache, but it worked really well so I kept using it till it was gone. I like bath and body products that smell like something, not just we tossed a bunch of fragrance in, I hope you like it.

Pineapple is my favorite fruit smell and violets are such a delicate flower smell, I bet they smell great together.

My YouTube name is lynbdesigns

Alyssa Bubble Tea said...

my name is ALyssa

I love body scrubs because it ex-foliates and clears away al the dead skin produced by lotion and growth! i currently dont own or have any body scrubs at the moment but this would be a great opportunity to win!

Alyssa Bubble Tea said...

im Alyssa

and i love body scrubs because the make you smell good! not only that but they are beneficial to your skin and help in many ways! i <3 this very cute! and i <3 pineapple!

Milz said...

hi, i am alvira
Youtube name: alvira zaiidi
I love bodyscrubs because they make my skin smooth and soft.

Milz said...

Hi, it's alvira again.
Youtube: alvira zaidi
I use a strawberry body scrub and since I started using it my skin has become so soft and I always had this problem my arms are darker than my face and rest of the body which is a huge problem for me in summers as I wear short sleeves and they look a bit weird but now after using this body scrub the skin tone of my arms has improved too :) and I have started using body scrubs regularly and I don't get a lot of flavours in my city's super markets so I would love to try these too.
My email:

tierrabaker21 said...

heyy :) love body scrubs im trying this homemade one i made with olive oil,honey, and suger.... it makes my skin fell soft :)

YouTube name: KonichiwaTi3rra

CPD said...

@tigereye182 Yes I know what you mean, it keeps you in a long time.

CPD said...

@LynBDesigns Yes sometimes it hard to find a good one and I 've tried various brands. I must say I love this one. And who doesn't love Pineapple, lol!

CPD said...

@alivra try to use the cocoa butter for your uneven skin tone. If you use it daily 2x for at least 6 months you will see a HUGE difference. I have this issue my back is much darker??? And for the summer I hate the sun because my face is one color my arms another very annoying. BUT cocoa butter is my saver get Palmer's!!

Milz said...

O.K thanks for the recommendation I'll definitely try it :)

Kelly Young said...

I love facial scrubs because i love to wear them when relaxing, just sitting there in peace and quiet wearing one, and i love when i take/wash it off and to feel the smooth softness of my skin, it give's such a refreshing feeling after using a facial mask.

Unknown said...

I love it because it makes my skin feel so soft and makes them look nicer.



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