Monday, May 9, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Shoes

Comfortable Beach Shoes

There’s nothing better than slipping on a trendy pair of sandals on the beach while letting your feet get it’s best comfort. We picked the best stylish looks that will have you feeling fashionable and your feet enjoying the relaxation as well.

Metallic Braided Style $39

The braided style is always fun to achieve and the one toe loop gives it a fun mix as well.

Jewel Woven Thong Sandal $39

You can still be flashy but simple in these thongs, rock a bold statement or keep it simple with a basic shade.

Mesh-Cuff Gladiator Sandal $68

If flats are only a signature look for you while strolling on the beach, do it big with these mesh cuffs. They still bring comfort with a glamorous appeal.

Guess Bow Sandal $35

These sandals are cute for the beach or your simple shorts style. It brings a true feminine touch with it’s bow and added rhinestone effect.

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