Thursday, April 21, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Trends


Battenberg Lace Top

Battenberg Lace Top


Over the top lace styles are gorgeous and this style is more sophisticated than some because of it’s coverage. You can get away with rocking this at your corporate 9-5 and also make it dazzle for a Thursday night out edition.


Leopard-Print Blazer

Leopard-Print Blazer


If you ever thought that a leopard blazer wouldn’t look it’s best on you, you’re wrong. Finding the balance of basic shades like blacks, tans and nudes give the color scheme a go. This blazer adds a confident look and the strong detail of the blouse makes it pop!



Embroidered Georgette Blouse

Embroidered Georgette Blouse


Flowing blouses are FABULOUS, it’s easy to throw on and they always look dressy. Not only are they a hot look for the beach but do rock your shorts or  leggings for a casual look.

Long Leopard-Print Halter Dress by Newport News®

Long Leopard-Print Halter Dress by Newport News


This look is beach worthy just add that HUGE beach floppy hat and those high sandals and your set. This is glamorous at a small cost!

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