Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Rock This



Matelot Contrast Dress

Simple tank dresses that are easy to put on for last minute beautified looks are a must for the seasons. This striped dress is a simple style to add for a weekend getaway or a quick last minute night out. Yes it’s simple but the way to doll it up is a glitzy clutch and a marvelous glam necklace.


Embroidered Roses Chiffon Top

Sheer tops are a great look for a night of delicious dinner with your beau or a glamorous night out with the chicas. This style looks best with dressy shorts and trendy skinny jeans. Finding a style that’s fierce and also bold in color makes the look more attractive.

Floral Leatherette Wallet

Time to upgrade that boring wallet in black/brown, the warm season is approaching and floral wallets are “IN”. Pull out your cash or credit card in style.


Brisk Morning Poncho

Rocking cute stylish ponchos are great for early morning looks are a casual days look. You don’t have to try so hard because they are statement makers. Get a few in a basic white, black and coral but make sure each shade has a different style.

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