Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Wen Hair Care

Let me say goodbye old hair routine I am switching to WEN, my hair looked so good after trying this product for the first time. I will make sure I use it for a full month but so far the result’s are excellent, check out my review and images to see how good it looks!
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WEN by Chaz Dean Pomegranate 16 oz Cleansing Conditioner $28

WEN® is a simple and revolutionary way to clean your hair, eliminating the use of other products and thus omitting several steps in your daily cleansing regimen. Start by rinsing your hair thoroughly and completely with cool water for at least 1 minute. Cleansing Conditioner should be applied in four sections: the crown of your head, the nape/back of head, ends to the left side of your hair and ends to the right side of your hair.
* For hair above your ears, use a minimum of 16 pumps (4 pumps per section).
* For hair above your shoulders, use a minimum of 24 pumps (6 pumps per section).
* For hair down to your shoulders, use a minimum of 32 pumps (8 pumps per section).
* For hair past your shoulders use a minimum of 40 pumps (10 per section).
* For hair to your mid-back use a minimum of 48 pumps (12 per section).
For thicker/coarser hair increase amount of pumps in order to thoroughly hydrate and cleanse the scalp and ends

A-D WEN by Chaz Dean Replenishing Treatment Auto-Delivery


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