Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Trends

The Glitter + Shimmer Effect

Ever wonder why we attract to the sparkles and shine effect.  Because dazzling is a beautiful look and all so makes us feel fabulous. Hot looks below can be your next style to looking that good!



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Rock it out with a gorgeous but simple black necklace, a simple stud that has enough bling effect and the best heels your money can buy.

Main Item Image

Love a one shoulder look that is major fierce, rock this look out with a dark navy pump for a dramatic effect. Work the room because you know you own it.

Main Item Image

For those that love a shoe that makes many statements, this look is you. From the sequins to the bling to the mesh, it has every bit of detail in it. This look is a great look for a LBD, trendy jeans and of course those embellished leggings.

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