Friday, February 4, 2011

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mark. Jewel Body Cream

I love this body cream, it smells so good!! The texture is amazing the scent is fabulous and the price range to me is great because the scent is lasting. This could be apart of a great gift set as well for any age. I know there is also a fragrance with this I haven’t tried it but if its just like the cream I know it’s going to be fab! To me the scent is a light musk not so fruity just a soft musk that’s very appealing.

mark Jewel Body Cream


Here is the scoop: Succulent fruits and sensual Casablanca lily mingle with warm macchiato, liquid caramel and vanilla for a precious - and decadent - scent.

mark Jewel Eau de Toilette Spray

mark Jewel Eau de Toilette Spray


Special thanks to Erica Leia S. at Kaplow PR for the samples!

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