Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Midnight Blue


So since I am trying to widen my nail polish collection I have been rocking Sinful Colors for awhile and although I love their color selection the polish doesn’t last a long time.

M1450039 I was excited to rock this color at my b-day party with matching shoes + handbag but the process of keeping up the shade cause for me to apply too many times.


I really love the shade and I most definietly will use it again but I will continue to say this these polishes are only good for a weekend look not a whole week. So if you want a fun color to rock for a amazing night out this brand gives you many gorgeous shades with the glitz and glamour just expect it to chip after the party is over.


What other nail polish brands should I try?

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Saroun said...

LA Colors are pretty good brand. They have a variety of colors and pretty cheap. You can also try Santee or Confetti.


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