Monday, February 7, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway


Leave a comment below OR YouTube Channel and subscribe.  Under 18 get parental permission.

Bonus Points:

1. Follow GlitterBuzzStyle on Twitter and RT this giveaway. (2x daily max) 10 extra entries daily

2. What is the Candy Collection? 5 extra entries (First person who answers correctly will get these extra entries only)


3. Take a picture with your fave fragrance and send to  (2 people will win 2 beauty products + Trident’s new Vitality Sugarless gum for best photo) Please note images will be posted on the GlitterBuzzStyle blog. 15 extra entries

4. Make a YouTube video regarding this giveaway. 25 extra entries


February 28, 2011. Winner will be announced on February 29th only on the blog!

SPECIAL THANKS TO ILISA W. 5wpr for making this giveaway happen


PorcelainPink said...

Question: What makes your BFF you go to person?

She is such a caring person, and also a great listener!

Bonus Question #2 Answer:

2. The Candy Collection is from Physicians Formula, and consists of eye shadow palettes that work best for one's eye color. Your recommendation on a blog past, was: "If your choosing one palette go for something you naturally would wear because they all contain that pop shade if you want to be a bit daring!"

P.S. This is LipglossnLattes on Twitter, if I have a chance to upload a YT video, it will be on my channel, LipglossandLattes.

destroydj0503 said...

my bff person i go to and why i go to her is because we are both merried and we just want to talk girl talk and not with are hubbys because sometime men just dont get it or us so that is why i go to my bff thank you for the giveaway much love to ya girl xx


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