Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Trends






Watercolor Roses Dress


Why We Love It: Floral looks are all about your inner feminine style inside and outside and this shows off a playful side.

The colors are so workable and the blue can be a statement color.

Strapless dresses are the ultra sexy!

Floral Lace LS Top


Why We Love It: The price for this sexy top is very affordable.

It can be rocked in a variety of styles that you can mix up.

Lace never goes out of style it just gets better!


Rose Bouquet Earrings


Why We Love It: Perfect style for a gorgeous pastel spring dress.

It can be rocked with a simple look and a high bun and these gorgeous earrings!

It’s simple with a glamorous glow!


Queenly Drop Earrings


Why We Love It: A statement earring that is unstoppable in looking good.

It’s huge and really has a glamorous effect given it high fashion status on a budget!

It’s looks more than $5.99.

Velveteen Stiletto Heels


Why We Love It: It’s trendy and the color is hot!

The style is great for dresses and jeans but stands out more in a cute hot pant.

Suede is a good look for a winter shoe!

Ruffle Open Toe Stiletto


Why We Love It: It’s a classic look for a formal affair.

The ruffles make the shoe bold!

The champagne color is on point and the style makes you feel like a woman.

Embossed Faux Crocodile Stilettos


Why We Love It: Stilettos in a croc design are truly sexy.

It can be your basic black shoe.

It’s sexy from all angles especially in a cute bandage skirt!

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