Monday, January 24, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Trends


Under $14

Soft Checkered Shirt
Was: $19.80
Now: $12.99

Red checkered shirts are a great glam trend for a simple casual look, rock with jeans or leggings and this style also comes in black/white.

Faux Fur 3/4 Sleeve Jacket
Was: $27.80
Now: $13.99

This jacket is a cute style too add to your workout look, its fashionable and will get you prepared to get that body ready for the summer.

Looped Poncho
Was: $24.80
Now: $11.99

Poncho’s can really add some glitz  to a simple look, this style can look fabulous with a long pencil that insinuates your curves

Jewel Studded Wallet
Was: $12.80
Now: $10.24

I own this in black and I love it, the champagne colors add some kick to a dressy look. Plus it’s great to use it as a everyday glam wallet as well.

Tribal Diamond Necklace
Was: $10.80
Now: $8.64

Looking to add less accessories or enhance a simple solid print? This necklace dazzles and the price is so great for the budgetnista!

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