Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Trends


Valentine’s Day Sizzling

Look 1 Fire + Flames

Sheer Ness Dress

$ 29.99

Ruby Garden Cuff

$ 14.99

Turn up the heat in a all red look with a bit of red pop and a sexy dress that shows a little something. This style is for the young, trendy chicas who are newly in a relationship and things are all the way live. Don’t be too over the top choose where your sex appeal will be in the dress or heels.

Look 2 Glammy Me

Ruched Strapless Dress $68

Metallic Platform Pump $68

No matter what color you wear on V-day you’re going to make sure you are dolled up, so ditch the most popular color and go for a true statement. Glitz a pink dress with a nude shoe or a metallic style. Perfect for the chica whose is down to have a good time like; dancing, socializing and being that fabulous you!

Look 3 Class in a Glass

One Shoulder Black Lace Dresses
by Sentimental NY


In Bloom Vintaged Ring

A black dress is classy and you know that no matter what an LBD can do no wrong even on V-day. Its a safe statement but a bit of lace or a simple chic cut-out is the way you take it up to the next level. Add a powerful jewel on the finger that has a massive look or enough bling to blind your beau.

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