Thursday, January 6, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Trends

Dress Cool In School

Looking to be in style while attending college, check out these trends that will make you fit right in.




87 Bright Popover Hoodie


Hoodie’s are a true fashion statement when in college, bright colors and fun logos are big trends.


Montauk Medium Wash Jegging


Simple attire like leggings or jeggins make it easy to throw on with a cute sweater or a graphic tee.

slouchy cropped graphic top

slouchy cropped graphic top $15

College nights add fun appeal with cut of tops that work well with your skinny jeans just added the bling!


Mindy Knit Dress

Now: $14.99

Bold dresses give a pretty touch and do keep it simple.

Bailey Medium Blue Low-Rise Flare Jean


Your signature go to jeans are a relaxed fit that can many wears out of them during the week. Stonewashed styles are more appealing.

 Pleated Satin Dress

Pleated Satin Dress $59.99

When heading to a big city for a real night out dress up and look fab. Strapless dresses are great for making statements and stick to a black color scheme.

slouchy cropped sequin graphic top

slouchy cropped sequin graphic top $25.30

Graphic tees are huge in college and fun one’s always cause a dramatic reaction.


Riley Buff-Check Bomber


Short jackets are a great look and adding some plaid or faux fur gives it a kick.


hidden wedge suede thigh high boot

hidden wedge suede thigh high boot $36.30

Rocking flat boots in college is a big trend because of the comfort and the constant getting around from building to building. Stack up on this trend and get them in black and brown as well.

lace-up sweater top rain boot

lace-up sweater top rain boot $28.80

Be ready for the rain and snow with statement weather boots, you will be happy to rock them when the weather gets bad.

Signature Doodle Zip Hoodie $69.50

Everyone loves the Pink Collection so this one is just another fab hoodie to add to your growing collection.

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