Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway

Kymaro Backless Bra is suppose to create sexy cleavage like a push up bra. To check out more on this here is their website.

Question: What is your most valuable item?

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Rules: 18+ Open to U.S and International

Contest ends 1/14/11


1. What was my ultimate fave product that I viewed at e.l.f’s holiday event? (5 entries) -PorcelainPink

2. Where did I meet Lauren Conrad? (10 entries) -PorcelainPink

3. Where did I buy my lanterns? (15 entries)-PorcelainPink

4. When was our first posting and what were we covering? (20 entries)-Erika

5. My gladiators from Wild Pair made it’s posting debut on what date? (25 entries)-PorcelainPink


Erika(akirediamond1) said...

Hello Chastity

2. Feb 2 M.powerment mark event @ the Crosby hotel
3. Marshalls
4. Grammys Feb 10,08
5. June 16, 08

cece (yellowaybe) said...

1. the Body Glow powder


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