Thursday, December 23, 2010

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4 Key Looks Now Until New Years


Glitter + Sequins

It’s the festive time of the year so show the sparkle with a glitzy top, or jacket. If you like to keep a low profile when it comes to the dazzle go for a simple trimming with that sparkle detail.

Bellini Peach Sequin TopBellini Peach Sequin Top $40

We love this nude sequins top because it can still be glam with your jeans and a nude pump.





Look to glam a look up with a simple trick, rock a style out that has feathers. It’s sleek enough when the hair is pushed back in a bun and will give your look a sultry appeal.

Feather Silk Top - PETITES

Feather Silk Top - PETITES


We are a fan of this silk top because the look is simple and very chic.



It’s a hot trend so make sure you add it to your look whether it’s a coat, handbag, or a killer heel.

Privileged Lydia Leopard and Red Platform Stiletto PumpsPrivileged Lydia Leopard and Red Platform Stiletto Pumps $39

These leopard pumps are a wow factor and they make a true fashion statement.



It’s the season for it so add that signature statement to the holiday vibe


Product Image Merona® Women's Twisted Neckline Dress - Deep Love

Merona® Women's Twisted Neckline Dress - Deep Love


A simple neckline dress like this makes a bold statement, you can still rock a cute black cardigan and your black heels but work that red lipstick as well.

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