Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway

Rules 18+ and U.S resident

Leave comments on the blog or YouTube Channel + Subscribe or follow me on Twitter @glitterbuzzinfo

Contest ends 1/14/2011 Winners will only be announced on this blog!!!


Name 2 items I got from my b-day last year. HINT:(In a blog posting video)

The first one who gets it right will get 20 extra entries to the contest.



Special thanks again to Damaris C. at Blue Sky Communications for making this giveaway possible and supporting me and my blog!


~RuKii~ said...

i would soo love to win this. i've commented on youtube (DesiGuRl13) and following you on twitter (RuKii) hope to try this blue pallete:)

Erika said...

The colors on the eyeshadow look fab.
last year for your bday you got perfumes, handbag, boots and sunglasses. I already commented on youtube as well. (akirediamond1)

Unknown said...

Last year you got your favorite pair of boots and a pair of sunglasses

Saroun said...

Last Year for your birthday you got sunglasses, boots, giftcards, perfumes and a handbag.

Saroun said...

Almost forgot to tell you I commented on youtube as mslynduh and i sent you a twitter @msSaroun

destroydj0503 said...

ok well someone already got the stuff for your bday so i just wanted to get in the giveaway i would love to try the blue because i have blue eyes lol any ways much love girl xx


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