Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fashion: Holiday Glam Dresses

Going to a party, hosting a holiday event or getting ready for the BIG New Years Eve bash, get your options together now. Check out these glamorous styles from the budget to the splurge and of course the styles we want to buy but can’t afford, oh well someday!
A product thumbnail of Two-Tone Sequin Dress
Two-Tone Sequin Dress
Why We Love It: A sure hit for our NYE bash, glam and glitz never looked so good! Keep the sparkle going with bling accessories and a rocking attitude own the look chica!

Chiffon Embellished Dress
Why We Love It: It’s a great look for the office party or a casual holiday gathering. It can also be extra with a red pout and fabulous red heels make it pop ladies!

Fab Ruffle Layers Contrast Dress
Why We Love It: You can bring it out with a gorgeous necklace and the look will be beautiful. If you’re not a fan of heels so much a cute stylish boot or embellished flat well still give you a knock out look!
Maria Bianca Nero Two-Toned One-Shoulder Dress

Maria Bianca Nero Two-Toned One-Shoulder Dress

Orig $245.00
Was $183.75
Now $147.00
Why We Love It: This is a great look for a office holiday party, very fabulous chica. Bring on your fave platform heel and let that hot pink do it’s magic. Very classic and posh!

Terani Couture

Why We Love It: It’s a Hollywood look and if you are the fashionista that has the dough, than go all out! Metallic heels will really give it a kick, great for hosting that fabulous party of yours champagne + wine is a must!


Why We Love It: It’s bold, daring and draws the crowd and if your body is on point I say show it off honey! Rock the look with trendy gold to give it a elegant look as well. Congrats on that hot body!

Cute Black Dress

Comeback Baby Black Dress

Why We Love It: It’s affordable and can get glam with major accessories like jewels or a clutch. It also can be rocked all seasons so for this price it’s a buy! Don’t forget to make it look like a million bucks!

Terani Couture

Why We Love It: It looks pure classic and the style is pure gorgeous. The dress is so stunning that everything else you buy is just the cherry on the top.

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