Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Are you hosting a party for the new year, use some of these tips to make sure your style is on point!

It’s all about the light action, if your hosting a NYE bash try these simple things for a elegant look.

Get old glass jars or simple cheap vases from your local dollar store, grab a few clear beads/marbles and a light bulb in a trendy color for gorgeous lighting as your guest/s enjoy the party.

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You can also choose to get floating candles and add the petals of the flowers for a feminine touch! Don’t want to spent the cash use your martini or wine glasses as decorated center pieces.




Click to enlargeAdd some candy to the party, everyone has a sweet tooth so get candy that’s best upon your color scheme. You can have it in a pretty bowl set up at a station or have side dishes with different chocolate truffles with glasses of champagne around it. Pure classy, I do this for my NJ Bloggers Event!



If you are on budget the best + easy thing to do is get a bunch of different styles of candles, light them in all the sections of entertaining, let this be your main lighting for a sensual vibe, have a few glass vases decorated and add  a few glass balls off the Christmas tree with a bit of candy canes. This will keep your party on the cheap but still have the festive vibe of good times.


Photo Source: saveoncrafts

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