Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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I am going to do a new thing If I Had A $100 What Would I Buy

Today’s Store The Gap

Now I haven’t shopped at The Gap in years, since like the age of 16. When I say shop I mean spend a lot of money on a ton of clothes. Now I may buy a item ON SALE now and then but I am not a regular shopper there. This is really weird because as a teen I worked for the company for 5 years and I owned Gap everything and my whole style was GAP GIRL all the way. But my style has changed a lot and I moved to more of a flashy make a statement approach. I was curious to see if I was given $100 what items what catch my eye at The Gap, take a look.




Fair Isle tights


Tights are the best accessory for the winter season, the styles offer so much variety and of course they keep our legs warm. I love buying a mix of them because you can spice it up and give your outfits extra flavor or always play it safe as the girl next door.


Fur trim slipper booties


These are super warm and I actually have worn them out with my outfit because I just couldn’t escape the cozy feeling in my toes. These are great for stocking stuffers and I also use them when guest come over, my chica’s have something fun to wear on their feet. (Side note: They usually go on sale after Thanksgiving, I was able to get mine for $5 last year, that’s why I bought so many, just saying also Old Navy always has a similar style)



Velvet tote


I don’t own any velvet handbags so this one caught my eye. I only wish that they would have made the brown strip a black, it would have looked so much better. This tote does come in all black but this blue makes a statement and isn’t that the reason why us ladies buy handbags!

Faux fur pom pom beanie


I love, love, love this hat of course the fur on top makes it a must have. I wish it came in a variety of colors, it’s super cute and playful!


Faux fur puffer jacket


Ok, so this jacket is currently on sale the original price was $128, so I made the $100 bracket. The jacket is cute because of the color and everyone loves a puff jacket for the winter season. Love the brown combo on this coat, the hood is removable so you can rock it two ways. Plus it also comes in a pretty brown and of course black but buy the Shiraz (Pink).


So I found a few items that I can add to my collection, which of these do you like and are you a Gap Girl as well?

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