Thursday, October 7, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: Trends

Felt Peacoat $29.80

I was in desperate need of a coat because I only buy every few years and I am so due. I wanted something basic, affordable for a everyday look. I was very happy with this soft peacoat, love the color hoping it comes in cream soon. My only issue where’s the belt? I guess I will add a twist to it and be a trendsetter. (Video blog on this tomorrow)

BCBGeneration Shoes, Michah PumpsBCBGeneration $110 ($77 on sale) Michah Pump

I am in love with this shoes but I was unable to buy since it’s sold out in my store. The black was available but this color is rocking. I am going to try again. Ladies the Macy’s sale really ends 10/18 one of the employees let me know so I am going to buy some shoes like crazy! I ended up getting some classic Nine West shoes couldn’t find it online so check for the video blog.

Inc. International Concepts $89 Beauty Pump and Linda Pump

INC International Concepts Shoes, Beauty PumpsINC International Concepts Shoes, Linda PumpsI tried these own hoping to buy both pairs at full price ($89) which is currently on sale at 15% off if you buy one. But I had a major issue the style is right up my alley but the comfort level is so painful. Why make a gorgeous looking shoe and than make it so painful for us to walk in. Oh my ankles were hurting as soon as I walked to look at them in the mirror. My inner voice was convincing me that they looked so good the pain would slowly be forgotten. Ummm I think I learned that lesson awhile ago. Love the styles of this brand but invest in making it more comfortable I will spend the extra money if you do. I really heart the army style!!

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