Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: In Atlantic City

My Columbus weekend was spent in Atlantic City, I had my video camera on hand to give you a taste of my fun outing. I stayed at the Tropicana casino which was okay nothing much to brag about the atmosphere was very intimate and chill. I expected more from the room since it was a suite but the remodeled tower Havana was booked so I was stuck with the older tower North and for $205 a night it was not anything special but oh well, I was there to have some fun. Borgota is where I usually love staying but of course last minute bookings get you what ever is available!!

M1110008 M1110004 M1110006 M1110007 The Red Square is where I had a nice elegant dinner, the price range was expensive so make sure you have your splurge money ready. They do have the best martinis especially the Caribbean one. I only had one and it was super strong, but sipping is the only way to enjoy a drink, must keep it classy!

M1110048 M1110049 M1110042 M1110043 M1110044 M1110045 M1110046 M1110047

I also gambled a bit I played Russian roulette and security were all over me because I kept taking my chips that I won off the table before I was suppose to. I was excited so I figured I won I need my chips, but you must wait for the dealer to tell you when to take them, so embarrassing. I also played slot machines which was a bit fun and can be boring just hitting the bet one button. But I still won so that was cool. M1120008Didn’t get to play blackjack, tables were super high at minimum bet $25+ there were high rollers betting so I was checking for the fellas and chica's who were making it big. They were winning but I was happy to see someone play hard and win hard as well. Also when I cashed my chips in I had extra chips didn’t even know it, in total I won $120 so breakfast was on me!

Below is a video snippet of my weekend, I didn’t do too much recording but it’s a taste! Also I really was annoyed that I was carded 3x in A.C every minute I got "Excuse me are you at least 21, can we see you're I.D", really! I know I should be happy that I have a young face yes I heard it all weekend but pls I am 30 and that already is annoying to know!

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