Friday, October 1, 2010

Events: Heather Park Album Release Party

Heather Park @Crash Mansion
Album Release Party

The crowd was chill that night and everyone was praising the voice of Heather Park even before she appeared on stage. Since this was going to be my first time meeting her and hearing her perform live I was excited to see who Heather Park the singer was. I am familiar with Ms. Park the lady attached with M.A.C Cosmetics since being on the scene as a beauty/fashion blogger and doing many write ups for their amazing products but now this time around I was seeing Heather Park in the spotlight on stage at Crash Mansion doing her passion and that rocks!

Below are snippets of Heather Park at her album release party.

Full Video Stay With Me Till Dawn

Full Video Trust You

Full Video Endless Possibilities (Sound is a bit distorted in some sections, it's live baby)

Like what you hear check out more music from Heather Park here and support! Follow @HeatherPark

Want to say much thanks to Heather Park you did an excellent job at your album release party, I am so glad that you are very down to earth and very real. Hope to meet you again at another show or behind the scenes on the beauty side. And since leaving your show I have your melodies stuck in my head so I'm feeling it!

Much thanks to Aracely G. at The Tesla Group, thanks for the invite I had a blast!

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Anonymous said...

Nice entry about Heather. Nice meeting you that night.


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