Thursday, September 2, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: Trends

Metallic Leopard Leggings

Even though I received some stares when I happily grabbed these, I knew I could pull these off. Just think a cute black top (not over the top), some patent leather stilettos, hair in an up do and fiery red lipstick! Yes this is a night out look. If you didn't know, leopard is in this season but honestly I would rock it whether it's in or out.
The metallic effect gives these leggings that rockstar element and that's what grabbed my attention.
Elastic Owl Ring $5.50
Okay, I couldn't find this particular style online but here is a link to their others. This looked so different to me and I knew everyone would be picking the glitzy sparkly ones, so I am going to start the owl ring trend. I think it's cute and different, don't be a bore ladies.

Sheer Lace Tunic
Let me just start off by saying I paid $22.80 in the store for this. Just realized on line it's cheaper, what's up with that?? Oh I guess they add on the additional for shipping, I get it.

Anyway I thought this would be another great night out look, my beau says "Oh that's a sexy dress", I look at him and say it's a top. But hey it is long enough, right? (winking) Seriously rock these with black leggings, and do rock a comfortable black bra if you plan on doing a solo look. If not go for a fitted rib tank a cami is just toooo proper for this lace theme.

Store: Forever 21

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