Monday, September 27, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: Shoes

My New Obsession


I am looking to get some new classic style shoes since my BCBG patent leather one's are really showing it's age. And of course they don't make the style anymore, I hate when that happens. But I feel in love while on the hunt for a new style and I found these, guess I am getting them.

Martinez Valero Zoie $129

They are a reminder of those Manolo Blahniks shoes that Carrie Bradshaw had on but you know I haven't received them to do a review on so I am definitely splurging on these affordable Martinez Valero styles. They come in white, ivory, silver and gold, they look classic and sleek and the price means at least buy two if you like. I hear they run small so do go up a size, can't wait to slip my feet into these heels.

Rochelle $169

I am loving these boots, I love to wear things that are a bit different but looks so hot at the same time. I can see myself in these with some leggings and skinny jeans. This is a great look for the fall season ladies let's get it!

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