Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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DayNa Decker

DayNa Decker's Botanika Home Ambiance Collection is a woman's dream because the scent is glamorous and has the best feminine spark.

The chandel's oil fragrance is natural with creamy coconut and soy wax. (Sounds good) My favorite thing that I didn't mention in the video is that the flicker is so low and intimate giving a sultry feel. It looks perfect with combination sets for entertaining.

*Also the chandel comes in 10 other scents more than I stated in the video and the new scent for fall is called Posy- a tapestry of 40 floral notes inspired by Parisian flower garden. Sounds like another fabulous scent as well.
Also in the collection is a Diffuser, I haven't tried it from this collection but I do know it's the perfect style for room ambiance. It comes with 20 reed sticks and is said to last eight months.

Although the price range is more than your average candle or diffuser the scent lasts a long time and I personally would use it to entertain guest/s. So if you do want to splurge or pick up a nice gift the price ranges from $32-$76 for the Chandel and $54-96 for the Diffuser.

Check out the DayNa Decker collection at your high end department stores ( Saks, Neiman Marcus, Fred Segal)

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Special thanks to Rachel Van Dolsen at LaForce+Stevens for the sample.

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