Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Night Out: Mary J. Blige

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus, I have some great pics of my outing at Fashion's Night Out in NYC. I had a marvelous time. I got to see some great fashion and some fab celebs. Everyone from Mary J. Blige to Marc Jacobs came out to enjoy the fashions of NYC. Here a look at my day at Fashion's Night Out! First Stop Mary J Blige at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue in NYC.

Mary J Looked fab at Bergdorf's, She looks great in person...Photos really do not do her justice.

I love Mary J's sunglasses line. The line cute and stylish. If you love Mary's Shades through out her career than you will love Melodies by Mary J Blige. These shades are a must have for any season. A great pair of shades are hard to find!

So after leaving BG, I hop the F train downtown to Broadway - Layfette. Soho is the place to be when you are at Fashion's Night Out. You never know who will show up.

Side Note - there was a very Funky window display over a BG.. interesting...I wonder

One of my fashion stops was Karen Miller. I am in love with her bags. They are chic and unique. The Dj was fab too. I saw some great art deco-ish/rock influence items that would add some edgy and lux to any wardrobe.

While I was checking out the fashions at Karen Miller, my sister Cannie Azalea was following the infamous Kanye West, who made a huge scene walk down Prince st in NYC. Can you find Kanye?

Next Stop - After running with/after Kanye West, I motivated myself to Betsey Johnson. This store had to be the most entertaining stores of the night, The drinks were none stop and the dj was great! I love betsey johnson for her over the top yet feminine style. Pink is back with a dash of black! Plus The staff was nice!

As jamming at Betsey Johnson, I checked out Adidas and Camper. If you are unfamiliar with Camper footwear, than you need to definitely check them out. They are stylish and visual creative. Camper passed out some fabulous notebook and lookbook of all their styles. At Adidas,you were give a great supply candy and calorie free Vitamin Water. Adidas showcase all of there fabulous bags and music, had a chance to win some great prizes ,and a yoga mat give away....Not bad at all.

Michael Kors was filled with wine, shoes, and some very happy customers! Everything was flying off the shelves...Wow

BAPE (A BAthing Ape) was great especially with designer Nigo signing autographes! The sneakers at Bape are so fresh!

As I visited some great stores and saw great fashion on and off the street, one of the highlights of my night is seeing Marc Jacobs. He was so nice and social despite the large crowd. He even hugged a fan before getting into his Mercedes Jeep and driving away. Fab!

I also got to see some other celebs like basketball player Amare Stoudemire leaving Hugo Boss while the fashion icon Halle Berry was entering Rag and Bone. You can see so many people in Soho during Fashion's Night Out. If you did not attend Fashion Night Out In Nyc, than you missed out on some fashion, celebs, and a great time!

Pics: Malan Bullock
Source: Malan Bullock

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