Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Jazz It Up For Work
Spice it up this season and be a trendsetter with these jazzy styles.

Symphony Studded Heels

These heels are great with stylish pencil skirts, it adds a bit of jazz with the glitzy effects on the straps.

Abstract Zippered Trim Skirt
A flirty skirt once a week will give you much excitement, add those stockings as well so the men won't drool too much.
Heart Sequin Duffle Bag
When going out for happy hour after work or planning a weekend getaway after work, have your sequin's party bag. Perfect for bringing a switching outfit and uploading tons of feminine accessories. The female co-workers will love it.

Ruched Sides Skirt

Grey skirts are like your basic black and the ruched details on the side give it more style. You can rock grey tights or black.

Mesh Bow Skirt
Going out with your beau or on a date after work, be playful but still professional. Make it work with a simple black blouse that's completely covered up. When your shift is over unbutton the blouse and let some cleavage show.

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