Friday, August 27, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: Review

Perfect Formula
Perfect Color $15

Perfect Formula fall nail lacquers debuts in September and the color; deco is a fab deep plum berry that will be one that you will love rocking. I debut mine out in the city with my gals and they loved the shade check out why it's a must have.

Fall Color Line Up
CUBIST: A divinely deep gray-brown, which reveals a surprise purple-ish tint when hit by natural sunlight!

DECO: A perfect marriage of pink and plum results in this to-good-to-be true berry hue.

Color appears lighter in image

FUTURIST: This slightly gray, yet slightly lavender lacquer is nothing short of 100% drop dead gorgeous.

POP ART: A stunning emerald-green that’s almost as good as the real thing!

AVANT GRAY: This true-to gray color is the no fail choice when it comes to the ultimate fashion-forward color.

POST MODERN: A deep plum that a little bit rock star, a little bit uptown girl and a whole lot of awesome.

Will be available at

in September.

Special thanks to Damaris C. at Blue Sky Communications for the samples.

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