Thursday, July 15, 2010

Events: Threadless and Havaianas

Threadless and Havaianas Event
By: Malan B!

Flip Flops, Great Fashion, and Fab Food, what more can you ask for at the First Ever Flip-Flop Design Contest by Havaianas Flip Flops and I had a fabulous time at the Threadless/Havaianas Event on Wednesday July 7th 2010! The fashion forward flip flop company Havaianas, has teamed up with one of the hottest t-shirt companies to create a collection of limited edition sandals for summer 2010. I saw some fab fashions from some great indie designers. Fashion, drinks, and some great food...This event was all around great!

The lobster rolls at the Threadless/Havaianas Event were amazing! Shout out to Red Hook Lobster Pound!

(Havaianas and flip flop design contest winners Ross Zietez and Jess Fink)

At the Havaianas and event, the fashion press got to see some serious creative and stylish footwear for the summer. I also got to meet two of the winners of the Havaianas and flip flop design contest. Though I wanted to have all the flip flops at the event my fav designs were by
Ross Zietez and Jess Fink.

Side note: Jess Fink personal style is reminiscent of a modern Edie Sedwick. Don't you think?

Anywho, Ross Zietez's designed called " The Great Animal Hunt" makes word searches fashionable and sleek! I have to say this was one of my favorite designs. When I saw this tee/flip flop paired I deemed this a must have item. Great job Ross!

This "Cookies Love Milk" design was by Jess Fink. Pardon the pun but these flip flops and tee shirt are so yummy! The t-shirt is fab too! This design by Jess is cute and a great use of a illustration! Smart, designer friendly, and marketable...Jess has a great eye for fashion.

I feel in love with the Havaianas wall of flip flops! Havaianas has a great collection of summer footwear. If I had all of these flip flops in my closet, I would be a happy girl! You can never go wrong with flip flops! The event had a chill yet fashion forward atmosphere ...very hard to come by especially in this industry. I had a fab time!

Check out more pics of the event below and all of the winner from the Havaianas/ThreadlessDesign Contest!


Well all my fashionistas and fashion gurus ....Come back next time for some more exclusive info in fashion and beauty!

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