Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion: Summer Basics 101

Summer Basics 101

There are certain things that you must have to kick off the start to your summer wardrobe, here are few things that you may want to consider while shopping this weekend.
Trendy Tote Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs
Catty Q Franny Tote
$328.00 Your signature summer bag has got to make a statement, whether it's bright, metallic shimmer down or a simple white, make sure there's something on it that pops.
Pin Stripe Pumps
Black White Stripes Knotted Peep Toe Platform Pump $24.99
Pin stripes are sexy for hot summer days, the best colors are reds and blues but even black can cause things to get steamy. If you're really daring polka dots would be a great mix as well.
Black and White Dress Dolce Vita
Electra Dress
When it's summer there's no reason for you not to be in something white. And adding a bit of black to the mix is always classic. Look for two tone combo dresses these can still be rocked for the winter with stylish stockings.

Feminine Blouse
Arrian Shirt
A simple but elegant looking sheer loose blouse is ideal for the summer heat. It's perfect during the day with a nice pair of skinny jeans and it's glam at night with a flowing mini skirt. Rack up on this with many different styles but do keep the color in the neutral theme it's more refreshing.

White Dress
Laila Azhar
Strapless Dress with Pocket...
A simple but gorgeous white dress is a summer must for everyone to have in their closets, whether you buy one or 5. Rack up on accessories to change the look and you will be wishing that Labor Day didn't exists.

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