Friday, May 7, 2010

The Wedding Zone with Malan B! -- The Wedding Muddle

Hello all my GBS readers, I have some great update on my nuptials, new DIY projects and of course some wedding planning tip for my brides on a budget! This is The Wedding zone with Malan B!

The Wedding Muddle

Finding favors that are original and fun is not an easy task especially when you are online shopping. I am finding it very difficult to find cute gifts for my guest and bridal party in stores. My wedding is less than 20 days. So I am in the infamous "Wedding Muddle." The Wedding Muddle is when you try to do a load of wedding stuff in a short amount of time. This happens for all brides because there are many things that need to be done in the last 4 months of the wedding planning process. The last 2 months of the wedding process are the most stress part. You are anxious and stressed. Everyone is either being very helpful or very difficult. I lucked out, I have some fab people helping me with my wedding...this does not mean that I haven't encounter some issues along the way. That is what the wedding muddle is all about ..It is whether you can handle it or not!

A great way to get through the Wedding Muddle is organization and help from others. Getting Help from your fiancee, siblings, and other family members is a big asset. If you are able to afford a wedding planner, than you do not have too much to worry about beside making sure that your wedding planner is on point. Most wedding planners are organization mavens! They can do some fab things. If you are like me and planning your wedding with help from family and friends, than your stress level is very high. This is when The Wedding Muddle appears. The Wedding Muddle can bring out three type of people.
  • The Organizer - This Bride have everything plan out. If something goes wrong, no problem you have a plan for that too. You understand that everything is not perfect but it can look like it is. She make sure that that her vision is her vision but has a open ear to others
  • The Bridezilla - . A disorganized hot mess. Stressed out and attitude on full blast. You want everything perfect and it is your way or the highway! Too bad this is
  • Yes Ma'am - The people pleaser. She follows what everyone else wants. No vision no voice and no back bone.

a person that is great at time-management or a serious bridezilla. I am personally aiming to improve on my time management skills.

My family will not tolerate the bridezilla. Know what you want for your wedding is great thing but being an ass about it is a huge no no. If you need something done by one of your bridesmaid than say it in a nice way. Though you can get some serious fame if you try out for the Bridezilla on Wetv...You will loose some great friends if you try this in Real life. So tuck in your Bridezilla tail. Learn how to be a wedding diplomat and not a dictator. Bridezilla is so 2010! Lets stop into 2010 and leave the Bridezilla behavior behind.

Your Day Your Vision

When you are planning your wedding make sure you have your own vision and please make it a clear one. A vision make a clear mind. so if you want a 20's theme wedding, know what the twenties are all about. Do some research! If you want a topical themed wedding, learn about it! Google is your best friend when it comes finding your vision for your wedding. When I was looking for favors and other accessories for the big day, knowing my vision/theme became a huge help for me. My vision was based on my color scheme - Black and White! I found all my favors from web researching through Google! Let give a special shout out to Moment of Elegance, Beau coup, and Little things favors for the fabulous choices and speedy deliveries!

When you do not have a clear vision, someone else vision may wiggles its way through. So make sure you know your vision. Knowing your wedding's vision can help when you need to know what to buy for your wedding. The clearer your vision the easier it will be to find your stuff especially for a low price. Planning and keeping a cool head can keep you out of the wedding Muddle and into a peace frame of mind.

Come back next time for the more The Wedding - The Final Chapter!

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