Monday, May 3, 2010

Review: mark. The Nude Dress and Soho Shades

Cool Shades, Summer Dress = mark

If you haven't checked out mark yet you missing out on the latest trends for you summer shopping spree.

mark The Nude Look Dress $29This white and taupe color combo is ideal for the start of the summer season. I wore this to a birthday party/meeting and everyone thought the dress was fabulous. I was totally impressed with the fit of this dress it was so perfect. Super sexy and classy at the same time despite my 5 inch heels. It's easy to mix with other color options and it flows nice on the bottom.

This retro feel with a touch of 3-D vibe is the new crave. If you love rocking that boxy style or want to switch from your comfort zone these are the new happening. Celebs like Rihanna,


and Vanessa Hudgens

rock this soho inspired look.

At first I wasn't to sure about this style on me since I play it safe with my signature aviator look but after rocking it for a few days it has become my signature black shades.

Special thanks to Kelly F. and Chelsea C. at Kaplow PR for the samples!

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