Friday, May 21, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Beauty

America's #1 Gloss
Glazewear $6.99
ON SALE $1.99

Have you heard the hype on Avon's best selling gloss if not let me tell you all the details.

I tried the glazewear shine and sparkle glosses and they give lips that luscious factor. The shine has a metallic frost to it not just your basic glossy overdone gloss. It's glamorous enough giving much needed sparkle and amazing lips. There's a ton of colors that are a mix of shine, sparkle, intense and clear. The price is very affordable and now that a sale is going on trying it and seeing why it's #1 would be ideal.

Apple Cinnamon; My fave so far, it's a berry and mauve pink mix that looks so good on the lips. It's in the sparkle mix so lips look extra shiny but controlled. The gloss last long too so over applying isn't an option.

Tickle Pink; A cute pink with all the right results. It has amazing shine effect that isn't too glossy. Works well for those simple days to give you that flirty look.

Time to splurge for beach season get it while the sale is still on! Glazewear Celebration Month” for $1.99

Special thanks to Eileen D. at Attention for the samples, definitely see why this is so popular!

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