Monday, April 19, 2010

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So Over It...
As we know the headlines can't get enough of the biggest celebrity scandals that just won't go away. Are we really obsessed or shocked by individuals who continue to sleep around on their spouse or partner, or are we so over it!

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
The woman with the girl next door image and personality that seems outgoing and fun. The kind of BFF you can depend on for the fun and emotional roller coasters in a girls life. Attracts the male that's rough around the edges, strong, manly and deep down your secretly digging his bad boy persona. Truth is he's seeking that same trait in woman but becomes intrigued by his opposite because it new, fresh and could be really hot! So why not get the girl and have your cake as well, right Jesse. So Over This...

Elin Woods and Tiger Woods.
A beautiful blond, supports her very successful husband on all levels and gives birth to two adorable children gets dissed by multiple mistresses. Who would have thought the man would be Tiger Woods. His powerful image and place in society really took his ego to many heights. Elin looked upon as the Trophy Wife, the ideal person that you want on your team, the woman who is all about family, not fame, not fortune but really happiness. Truth is he's has the same trait but is very curious about that fun wild side in women, even though he would never marry one he enjoys becoming a different male when he's around these women. And of course why experience all your fetishes with one mistress get a whole clan, right Tiger. SO Over This...

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