Friday, April 23, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Shoes

Sandals For Comfort
Steve Madden

Looking to find a few trends that have style and allow your feet some relaxation, check out the styles that rock it!

ROOMBAA Price: $99.95

Add the sexy appeal with hot shorts that are on every one's radar, combine it with a stylish plaid or girly pattern top. Switch it up at night with a open toe bootie and a simple ruffle blouse.

SANDRAHH Price: $89.95 A great look for those funky linen pants or a simple flowing skirt. This basic but cool taupe color adds style when paired with a bamboo tote and a metallic summer scarf.

PHOENYXX Price: $79.95 This heel is low enough that you can rock it in your 9-5 and be able to hang when happy hour rolls around. Plus it's a perfect blend for those pleated skirts and khaki themes.

GENEVVAA Price: $79.95 Boots in the summer? As long as your toes are showing you can pull it off. These are very cute and work well with many natural colors. Great styles that mix well are shorts, jeans, mini skirts and jumpsuits.

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