Monday, April 26, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Nails

Nail Polish Of The Week
Orly Nail Lacquers
Sweet Color Collection
Color: Snowcone $7.50

Orly's Sweet Color Collection is filled with fun colors to get you started for the summer season.
This week I'm rocking it out with Snowcone this color is a baby blue but with a darker tint. The color on their website is a royal blue but the shade is much lighter.

I love the color it's fun and looks great with your casual white tee or fabulous jeans, it gives a crisp look. I already have received complements on the color so that's a major plus!
The other fun shades are cotton candy, lollipop, lemonade, gumdrop and pixy stix. I will be trying all of the shades so check back and see how the other colors look.

Special thanks as always to Ilisa at LaForce+Stevens for the samples!

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