Wednesday, April 7, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Nails

Perfect Formula's
Nail Guard System
Strengthens and Seals Nails

This strengthen nails and helps keep them healthy. I already have long nails so I wasn't looking for nail growth in this product but more of maintaining my natural long nails. I applied it as a base and top coat and I haven't had much breakage in my nails. Below is an image of my natural nails before applying Nail Guard System.

After applying this is what it looks like. Sometimes if you want to take a break from the polish for a few days just apply a layer of the Nail Guard System it can pass off as just a clear polish look and it still looks nice.

If your nails are weak or very thin from using acrylic and tips take a break and let your nails breath. A natural look is easy to achieve and more affordable as well.

I also love the nail file it's so smooth and much better than the standard ones. I totally ditched them out of my life. Rinse it in warm water after a few usages and it works perfect.

Special thanks to Erin D. at Blue Sky PR for the samples!

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