Monday, April 19, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Mother's Day

Gift Idea's that won't put you in the dog house!

Chanel No.5 Limited Edition $100.00
The scent is beautiful and classic. The gift set is ideal for a perfect lavishing bath/or shower and a scent that beats the others on on all levels. My mom is a fan of this and I love the scent as well.

Clinique 'Beauty Favorites' Set $35
Beauty must haves in one set and your mom or wife will be totally glam for the summer season. It's also perfect as a travel beauty bag on the go.

Chelsea Cardigan - Rosette $39.95
This cardigan adds much style with a glamorous color and amazing details. Plus it can be a casual look or dress to kill with a knee length skirt.

Faux Pearl Flower Stretch Ring
Fashionable rings are fun and super inexpensive. They glam up looks and add fun elements to your wardrobe. Keep in mind this is an addition to the gift you splurge on its just a little extra.

If your mom or wife loves to show off her legs than let her. Make sure the color is versatile so she can wear with many styles and that her toes get some action so you can add a pedicure gift card to the gift as well.

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